Ziuzi 3

  • Without price increase, in equal parts, within 3 months, with ZIUZI 3
    Pay in 3 equal parts, in 3 months, without rising prices - choose ZIUZI 3!
    Add the desired goods to the shopping cart, confirm your order, choose the payment method ZIUZI 3 and conveniently sign m. signature, Smart-ID app or with e. in banking.
    • If you pay for your purchases within three months, your installment purchase agreement will be deemed to have been fulfilled.
    • The monthly payment is one third of the shopping cart amount.
    • When using the ZIUZI 3 payment method, the minimum amount of the shopping cart is 60 euros.
    • All citizens of the Republic of Lithuania aged 18–70 can buy with ZIUZI 3. 

    ZIUZI 3 and ZIUZI Pay later services are offered by the company ESTO UAB. Purchase in installments is also a responsible financial decision related to obligations, therefore, before purchasing, we recommend assessing your ability to pay installments on time and, if necessary, consult with ESTO UAB specialists.
    If you are unable to pay your ZIUZI 3 or ZIUZI Pay Later installments on time, the contract schedule will be converted to a longer term schedule based on the ESTO leasing contract; in this case, additional fees will be charged in accordance with the terms of the ESTO leasing agreement.  

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