Tiziana Terenzi Cassiopea

  • Tiziana Terenzi Cassiopea

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    Extrait de Parfum
  • This composition was born from a trip in the family holiday home, where, in the company of the whole family, Tiziana and I spent happy days running in the woods, listening to Grandfather's stories about plants and flowers, playing at recognising their scents. None of us at that time would have thought that one day that game would become our passion and our "Job".
    At the foot of Mount Catria there is a small village with 1000 residents called Frontone. The tranquillity of the place is broken only by the scents of the flowers and plants that surround the valley. Not far from there there is the Fonte Avellana: a place of meditation and silence that gives the journey a spiritual flavour. Our house was protected by Frontone Castle, a fortification that surveyed the area's border that the Romans crossed to reach the Adriatic and the last stronghold of the Duchy of Montefeltro between the XV and XVI centuries. A place rich in history and wonders, in the midst of which we played happily. By climbing the highest tower of the castle, in its magnificent setting, you can seen the massive Monte Nerone and as far as the State of San Marino, while on the opposite side you can look over the Adriatic Sea.After dinner, under the glow of a huge yellow moon, we played on the tower lit with flaming braziers under a starry sky...
    Therefore, this extrait de parfum is bright and sparkling and becomes timeless just like the constellation that gives it its name. A bouquet of citrus and fresh scents emits effervescent scents counterpointed by ylang ylang and jasmine water. A delicate freshness that surrounds you and is with you all day. A scent with a reserved, but at the same time firm, personality, ignited by the memory of pear nectar and white heliotrope, wrapped by the sweetness of icing sugar, cocoa and milk.
    This perfume is the story of a dream that tells of the wonderful journey on the wings of the imagination, the eternal child within us, who passed a hot summer night counting shooting stars. A flight to exotic places where they magical and unknown creatures live in scented forests of enchantment. It is the encounter with fairies and elves, with bright colours and wonderful scents, collected and recorded forever in this precious nectar of fantasy.

    A timeless fragrance that never fails to speak of love and gratitude.

    Top: Passion Fruit, Lemon & Cassis, Fern
    Heart: Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Rosa Tea
    Base: Sandalwood, Fava Tonka, Musk 

    100% original perfume 

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